Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That

This blog is written from Up North in Minnesota
Sark, who is a writer, once wrote in one of her books
We must continue to celebrate the moon it softens all our edges.

The celestial sky has provided us with a magnificent show this past week. Jupiter dazzled us with its brightness hoping to outdo the gorgeous full moon as it rose above the lake changing from a deep gold to a milky white. Both seemed to be vying for our attention. Lucky for me, because this show gave plenty of material for my ongoing moon journal. I have kept a moon journal for several years. From time to time I add photos, sketches, journal entries and newspaper clippings. Right outside the cabin door I have plaque that reads: Goodnight Moon a reminder of one of my favorite children's story. Recently I was reading a book on fairies. I learned the best time to attract good fairies is when the moon is full. To me standing outside looking at the moon with lots of stars gleaming brightly in the northern sky seems rather magical. Perhaps that little whisper of the wind or rustle of the leaves could just be a tiny fairy rushing by off to a late night meeting . Last night I was convinced some mischievous fairy was about somewhere in the yard with my sock. Since one was missing from the deck where my shoes and socks had been lying. It's amazing how over the years the amount of mismatched socks one can acquire. I just keep hoping one of these mates will magically appear one day so I can have a matching pair.

I am entertaining today and thought I would share an easy to make salad with you
Tomato Mozzarella Salad
You will need a rectangular platter
  • one bag of baby spinach leaves
  • 3 tomatoes that are sliced
  • !/2 pound sliced mozzarella cheese but provolone works well as substitute
  • basil leaves optional
  • bottled dressing such as Poppyseed, or Creamy Vidalia Onion or Champagne by Girard's
Arrange salad in layers starting at short end of platter repeating and overlapping layers working way down to end of platter
Layer that is repeated... handful of spinach leaves,sliced tomato placed on top of leaves,cheese slice placed on top of tomato
when platter full could add basil leaves, drizzle with dressing and grate parmesan cheese on top
Enjoy you Labor Day holiday

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