Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coming Attraction

In the upcoming weeks I will be posting from time to time a newly created mini adventure series called Rocky Socky and The Sockland Express. Rocky Socky is a sock monkey who drives a bus called The Sockland Express. This is a bus that not only is propelled by wheels but also wings as it enters Sockland. The bus makes three round trips a day from certain designated areas to be announced. The round trip fare is one gold coin. If you are wondering who would ride such a bus it is anyone in search of their missing socks. The final stop for express bus: Sock Bank.
And while you contemplating just what adventures a sock monkey could lead you on I suggest you grab yourself a cold refreshment and a bowl of this yummy snack mix
Snack Mix
1 can of mixed nuts
1 bag of Wheat Chex Mix
1 bag of Sourdough/Mustard Onion Mix

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