Monday, January 4, 2010

Imagine A Place

Update: Remember the photo I posted labeled Wintry Escape from Arctic Cold? Well I managed to drive right out that road shown in the picture. Finally freeing myself from the grasp of the Arctic cold air! But then upon arriving in the cities found I had only traded down for another chilly spot.
Enough dwelling on cold-time to fire up the brain cells and use your imagination. There is a beautifully illustrated children's book called Imagine A Place. The words are by Sarah Thomson and paintings by Rob Gonsalves. The premise of the book is imagination is powerful and if you can imagine a place, you can go there. Each page is simply written about 12-15 words a page but the words are carefully crafted and multi-layered in meaning .
The book begins
imagine a place...
where you bend and sway
leap and land,
right where a story begins.
Perhaps as this new year begins you find your mind daydreaming about warm places. You might take some time to create a story about this warm place or do some creative thinking on how to turn wishful thinking into reality.
The company Travelocity runs very creative ads using a gnome who is fulfilling his wishful thinking by placing him in some vacation spot. The point of these ads are to let you know the company is there to help fulfill your vacation wishes.
Two of my favorite ads have provided me with inspiration for a children's story I am currently working on. One ad I thought quite creative features a horse galloping down the beach minus its rider except the gnome who is tied to the horse with a rope but is being dragged along the beach. The title: Travel Wish #11 Ride bareback on the beach.
The second ad shows the gnome on the beach encased in a huge sand mermaid creation. His words are " Hello, Travelocity? I'm going to need a later flight."
So keep on with your wishful thinking about warm places who knows where this may take you.
Perhaps think about a hosting a beach party and have your guests come in their tropical wear for a warm wintry break. This dessert would work well for the occasion.
Beach Treats...Dirt Dessert
1 package of oreo cookies crushed
1- 8 0z cream cheese
2/3 cup powdered sugar
1 small box vanilla pudding
12 oz cool whip
gummy worms
  • Prepare pudding according to directions set aside to cool
  • Mix together powdered sugar and cream cheese and fold in cool whip
  • Layer the crushed cookies then pudding mixture. In between layers place gummy worms and on top of the final layer
  • If using a sand pail use a new shovel/spade to serve dessert
  • If using a flower pot put a flower in middle layer as a garnish

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