Saturday, January 23, 2010

Part Two: Sockland Express

Emergency Landing
The bus picked up speed and headed down the street for its last two stops before heading out of the city. Several passengers boarded the bus at each of the stops. For Will the best part of the ride was yet to come. He loved the excitement when the bus seemed to be going full speed down the street and then quite gently glided up into the air propelled by its wings. It seemed like he was riding in a plane. Will watched the city below get smaller and smaller as the bus sailed over the roof and treetops. The sky seemed to change colors from blues to pinks to oranges. Wispy clouds floating by reminded him of candyfloss.
Suddenly a loud beeping alarm went off. “Emergency, emergency… landing, landing,” yelled Rocky Socky.
Will felt a whoosh of air and a scream that almost came out of his mouth just as the bus hit the ground with a HUGE THUD! Amazing the bus landed upright and only a few passengers had rolled into the aisles. Everyone began to talk at once. Rocky Socky ran down the aisle checking on his passengers. “Look out the window!” screamed a woman sitting in front of Will. And then she fainted right in her seat.
Everyone scrambled across the seats to get a better look out the window. The passengers all seemed to gasp at the very same time.

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