Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Silver Lining In A Dark Cloud

Part Seven:
Dr. Michaels looked sternly at Rocky Socky. “Due to your multiple injuries it is my recommendation you take 6 weeks off from your job so you can heal properly.”
“But who will drive my bus?” asked Rocky Socky in a worried voice.
“I am sure your boss can arrange a new driver”
“But if I can’t work what will I do?" moaned Rocky Socky.
Dr. Michaels suggested Rocky Socky think of a new place to visit where he could forget about his aches and pains. So Rocky Socky called his boss. He was able to get Sully to take over for 6 weeks.
Then Rocky Socky sat down to write out his wish list of vacation places.
Let see it has to…
be a place where
there is no snow
some sunshine
fun things to do
Rocky’s pen fell to the floor as he nodded off to sleep. He began to dream about new adventures.

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