Friday, January 29, 2010

Sock Bank

Part Five
“Sorry, sir I did not see the part Limit 10 socks per customer. I’ll put them back.”
An embarrassed Will headed to the checkout with his 10 socks. He took out of his pocket a small sock coin purse to pay for them. Ahead of him the two women who had been arguing over the sweater were personally being escorted out the door by the sock security.
Rocky Socky honked his horn impatient for the rest of the passengers to board the bus. He wanted to stay on schedule to get his bus to the Sock Bank on time.
The bus buzzed with excited voices. The passengers seemed quite happy with their recent purchases except the two women who were still fuming over the sweater scuffle. Will hoped to be lucky today to find his missing soccer sock. Even if he did not, his chances seemed good to find another matched pair. A gold coin would certainly be worth the trip to Sockland.
Will sat back in his seat to enjoy the ride. As the bus sped through the dense forest the size of the mighty oaks impressed him. He knew that fairies required their homes to be cleverly concealed but he still hoped for a glimpse of one. The bus began to pick up speed passing by marshes and meadows. And then quite suddenly Will felt the bus gently lift up and sail over the treetops. He noticed that down below some of the paths had a sparkle to them. No doubt this was a sign that fairies had just passed by. It seemed like hardly any time had gone by when Rocky Socky announced,“Last stop, Sock Bank.”
Since there were only a few buildings around the Sock Bank it rose up like a huge brick fortress. There were no windows on either side of the door. A brass gold doorknocker was in center of the massive wooden door. Above the door was a sign Sock Bank.
“Thanks for the ride Rocky Socky,” said Will as he passed by him. “Will I see you for the return trip?”
“Nope, off for the weekend so Sully will be taking over”
The passengers pushed toward the Sock Bank. Just as one person touched the doorknocker a cloud of pixie dust swirled around the group. The door mysteriously opened.

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