Friday, January 22, 2010

Sockland Express

Part One
“Beep, Beep” the horn startled a few walkers. They were moving at a quick pace to get somewhere warm to escape the cold. Will hurriedly moved toward the corner of Third and Park Street to catch up to the bus. He checked his watch happy the bus was right on time. As the tires of the Sockland Express screeched to a halt, the door heaved opened. No passengers got off and Will jumped aboard. He did not seem the least surprised to see a sock monkey driver. “Hi, Rocky Socky”
A silly red grin spread across the driver’s mouth. “Lost another sock, Will?”
Will nodded his head and dropped a gold coin into the fare box. He settled into a window seat and pressed his nose to the cold windowpane. As his breath began to fog the glass, Will wiped a spot to see what all the commotion was outside the bus. A small crowd had gathered on the sidewalk. Their voices seemed high pitched and they kept pointing toward the bus. Will smiled, thinking they had probably never seen such a bus as this one before.
The Sockland Express was no ordinary bus. It moved along with wheels but as it approached Sockland the wheels pulled up and wings came out from either side. The wings propelled it to its destination:The Sock Bank. The bus was colorfully painted from top to bottom with advertisements for all sorts of sock items available in Sockland. Actually it made Will’s head spin thinking about all the things like leg warmers, arm warmers, purses, sweaters, toys and many, many more things. Today Will was quite hopeful he would find his missing soccer sock at the Sock Bank.
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