Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Unfinished Masterpieces

Art museums serve a critical function of making great works available for enjoyment and comparison so new discoveries can be readily evaluated. These words graced the wall as I entered the first gallery of the Louvre Exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This was the last week to view a variety of masterpieces on loan from the Louvre in Paris, France. These masterpieces included paintings, ink drawings, sculptures, and pottery that were a visual feast for the eyes of the skills and creativity from masters of the past.
One sign that caught my attention was A masterpiece needn't be a finished work of art. It made me rethink about the idea of a masterpiece. What really is art and how many of the ordinary things we do in life can be a masterpieces. Even a completion of a project at work or at home, a sewing activity, writing a book, play or poem, designing a room or a garden, painting a room or a house, restoring a car can all be considered masterpieces. A masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder, the satisfaction of seeing an idea to completion. Masterpieces do not always need external rewards such as an award or words of praise.
Maybe this might be the week we will be inspired to create some masterpiece that only conforms to our own rules and gives us personal satisfaction. Stretch yourself to do something new or maybe complete an unfinished project you have been thinking about doing.

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