Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trouble at The Sock Mart

Part Four:
The crowd swarmed through the door. Shelves and tables were stacked with a variety of sock accessories as well as several bins of mismatched socks. Sock fairies flew past Will and the other Sockland Express passengers. They did not need shopping bags since they carried their own. Their knitted bags were quite sturdy made from very fine spider web threads. The fairies were fashionably dressed and I might add warmly dressed in outfits made from mismatched socks. Each wore a sweater, leg warmers, fingerless gloves and even a stocking cap with their name knitted right into the brim.
A very loud commotion broke out in the back of the store. Shrieks and screams could be heard all over. “Stop, Stop, that’s what I picked!” yelled the lady from the bus as she grabbed a sweater off the table.
Another lady passenger was trying to yank the same sweater from her hand. As a crowd of shoppers stood by watching, two sock security police rushed to the sweater table. By now one lady was in tears and the other just plain angry!
This was Will’s chance to load up on mismatched socks while the shoppers were distracted. He began stuffing his shopping bag. He was quite excited at the bargain price advertised two for the price of one. “Can’t you read the sign young man!” bellowed The Sock Mart manager.

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  1. I can't wait to see what happens next.