Friday, January 1, 2010

An Unexpected Delivery

Happy New Year Greetings from Up North-recorded temp at this writing -12

If you have been following my blogs the past few months you probably have picked up how I believe that magical things can indeed happen especially when one least expects it. And that is just what happened yesterday to me. I trudged down the snowy road in the frigid weather (I might add its a two mile total route) to get the mail. My perseverance to get to the mailbox no matter what the day was like was rewarded with a small package inside. It was from someone who wished to be anonymous since there was no return address and not even a note inside the package. I posted a picture of my awesome gift, a sock coin purse for you to see. Whoever you are and if reading this blog many, many thanks for thinking of me with such a creative gift. And I certainly hope there is a sock fairy nearby paying close attention. What a great idea to use all those mismatched socks collected to create a coin purse. I even thought about marketing these sock coin purses for different holidays. It would be a good seller. What a day brightener receiving this unexpected package!
Writing about a day brightener how about a night brightener??? Last night the appearance of the full moon known as the Blue Moon was spectacular. As the moon crept slowly up into the sky the colors went from a coppery orange to a lighter gold and then just as it positioned itself into place a creamy white. You did not need a nightlight last night as the moonlight illuminated the yard and spilled into the windows.
I have a riddle for you..What is found outside. It is small. It's size can be square or rectangle about 8 feet by 8 feet. It can be windowless but has a door. It moves periodically throughout the day. I have heard there is a heater inside but few people are seen entering and leaving. It remains a mystery what really goes on inside for such long periods of time.
Give up? It is an ice house.
Watching these boxy dwellings swell around the lake like a newly sprouted village is a sight to behold. Especially since they are constantly on the move and you rarely see anyone moving them. They are in place before dawn and way into the night but never in the same spot for long. It is beyond my comprehension what would be the fun to brave cold temperatures waiting for a bite on the line. But alas judging by the number of these tiny houses spread out over the lake there are many who must enjoy the thrill of the sport.
Today is the first day of a new year. So count your blessings, don't dwell on what has happened in the past but move forward. Perhaps think about doing something unexpected for someone just like the person who sent me a gift. One word of advice for the new year:Be vigilant about your socks... you never know what they may become next.

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