Sunday, February 14, 2010

Among The Vineyards

Part Sixteen
Lucky for me Moxie answered on the second ring.
"What a great surprise getting a valentine from you Moxie! I wish you were here to see this amazing place."
I could hear Moxie sigh on the other end of the line.
"Rocky Socky it seems like you have been gone so long. When will you be home?"
"Only three more days left on my trip. My arm feels so much better. When I get home I will be able to get a shorter cast on my arm. My forehead stitches have healed quite well. I do not have much of a scar. But I always seem to be in some kind of trouble with my traveling companions. I get these long lectures on why I shouldn't be climbing up on things. I have tried explaining to them I just want better views! They just think I am not careful. Speaking of views here...WOW. I can see for miles when I am on top of the hills. They are so green. All the vines are arranged in neat rows down the hillside. I did wonder what were all the yellow plants growing along side the road and in between the vines. Later I found out they are mustard plants."
"Mustard plants...yuck do they smell?"
"Nope and they just look like pretty yellow wildflowers. They even have a mustard festival in March with food, wine, entertainment and lots of concerts. Too bad we will miss it all. But the biggest surprise were all the fancy and huge winery buildings. There was even one that was a castle with a moat, drawbridge, wine cellar and 107 rooms! Another winery was so high up on the hill we had to take a tram to reach it."
"Wow, Rocky Socky I wish I could have seen that! I hope you got pictures of all of this"
"I did so check out the ones I posted."
"Even though I am having so much fun I wish we could be together today. You know how much I like to celebrate Valentine's Day with you."
"Yeah, I know but hopefully the next three days will go fast. We all miss you and home does not seem the same without you."
"Moxie, we have one more big stop on our trip before we head home. We are going to a national park I have read a lot about. I am sure I will have lots of pictures from there."
"Rocky Socky, you know I love you. Have a nice Valentine's day."
"Moxie, love you too and see you soon!"

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