Thursday, February 11, 2010

As Far West As I Can Go

Part Fourteen
"After my huge disappointment of having to return the rental bike, a promised trip to the ocean certainly lifted my spirits. I was so excited to finally see an ocean and play on the beach. Even though the temperatures were not so warm for swimming I still had a lot of fun. I am posting some of my pictures. After leaving the Santa Cruz wharf we went to Natural Bridges State Park. It is a place where thousands of Monarch butterflies cluster on eucalyptus trees for the winter. But we were too late since they had already left for their spring homes. We drove up the coast and stopped at a beach where a lot elephant seals make their homes. I kept my distance due to their huge size. After that we walked in the redwood forest. It was here that I had my meltdown. One of my traveling companions noticed my sad face and teary eyes. In between sobs, I told her that I was homesick, missed my job and friends. The forest with huge patches of clover, moss covered branches and fairy tunnels at the tree base reminded me of fairyland. When I saw the fairy ring that is when I lost it! I told her that I pass by a place just like this when I drive the Sockland Express Bus. I even pointed out to her the sparkles on the trail ahead of us. That was a sure sign fairies were about with their pixie dust. My traveling companion suggested I should make a few calls home and that would cheer me up. We are on our way to buy some postcards for my friends. I am sure a good nights sleep will make me feel better. Tomorrow's trip will be shorter and I promise to take pictures to post on this blog."
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