Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On The Road

Part Eleven:
"I have been singing all the way here in the car...Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
The car ride from Palm Springs to here was rather eventful. The 437 mile ride produced more weather changes in one day then I have ever seen at home. There was rain, snow, dense fog and sunshine. The sheer terror of driving with people (who know what they are doing) and caravans of trucks sharing the lanes through the mountain passes took my breath away. It was nothing like the Sockland Bus Express runs. We passed by soggy fields, vineyards, orchards and cattle ranches. The mountain vista views with deep colored green valleys were spectacular. I screamed Stop to my driver when I saw a Denny's Restaurant sign. I knew it was the big Grand Slam day! I laughed when I saw the waitresses wearing really funny shirts that said A Great Day To Be An American and A Tough Day to Be A Chicken? Sully called me on his break to let me know that Will had been on his 10:00 run. He just entered the Sock Bank and hoped this would be a good day to find his sock. He promised Sully to follow the rules. I am starting to miss my friends. I hope they get the valentines I sent."

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