Thursday, February 25, 2010

Paradise Found

Chapter One: Maui Adventures of Rocky Socky written by Rocky Socky
"I did not think life could get any better for me than doing one commercial. But having the chance to do another commercial and be in Maui is almost beyond words. I was not prepared for how long the flight was just to get here. Of course a three hour layover for the second flight did not help. But what did help was having my own seat, snacks to keep me happy and even a great movie. I could barely rest I was so excited to see a place I have only seen in pictures. When we got off the plane there was a young woman holding a sign that said: Aloha Mr. Rocky Socky and friends. A representative from Davis & Sons introduced herself and gave us all leis. They had such a fragrant smell. She beckoned us to follow her and after retrieving our luggage, which believe it or not one of the first ones down the carousel, we were whisked away to our hotel. She left us with our itinerary that begins Friday.
"Today I woke up to this picture of the courtyard with a side view of the ocean. I posted a picture. I couldn't get dressed fast enough to explore my new surroundings. I am posting a picture of me sitting on what looks like on black rocks. Actually it is black lava. Check out the ocean view with mountains in the back. This afternoon we will look at a few beaches and find where I need to be Friday morning. I am excited to see what wardrobe changes they have for in store for me and going to shoot at different tourist attractions. I see on my list there will be a place for whale watching. Can't wait!!!"
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