Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rainbows in Paradise

Chapter Four: Sunday
"I woke up this morning feeling just a bit homesick. There were many calls yesterday from friends and family checking up on our safety. I found out from Sully that Will has agreed to return to Sockland next week. He recently met Eva, a sock fairy, who has invited him to participate in a Sockathon next Thursday. Then Moxie got on the phone. I found out she and Roxy are planning a Hawaiian luau celebration for me when I return. But I really didn't have too much time to feel sad because today is my first real day of work.
Despite the day starting out with rain and very blustery trade winds something rather magical happened. As we were leaving mid-morning a rainbow appeared right before us. It was like it was stretched over the vast ocean. I was sure this was a sign of good things to come. And that it was! I am posting photos of all the day's events.
We were picked up by an associate from Davis & Sons. We drove north to a town called Lahaina, which means cruel sun. But I rather liked the town. It was still quite windy and I had to hold on to my hat for sure it would blow into the ocean which by now had huge whitecaps. At our first stop, Lahaina's Banyan Tree, they presented me with this shirt that fits me perfectly. I think it is so so much nicer than my red jacket. Now this tree is not just an ordinary tree, but about the best one I have ever climbed on. It is now the largest Banyan tree in the U.S. Can you believe the circumference of the tree measure 1/4 of a mile? And old... wow planted in 1873! I had some pictures of me taken in front of some well-known and popular restaurants. I really hoped we would have time to take the Sugar Cane train but the weather was not the best. I have had heard the 12 mile ride had great panoramic views of the ocean.
Several hours later on our drive back south to Kihei I suddenly screamed STOP! There right in front of us was the most unbelievable rainbow. It looked like it started over the mountain and the end seemed to drop right off in the water. Two rainbows in one day has got to mean double luck!
Back in Kihei we stopped for two more photos. One at the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge. I am sitting on some lava rocks hoping not to get blown into the water. Still very windy. Mt. Hamilton is in the background. Our last stop I really liked because I saw humpback whales blowing out spouts of water.
Before wrapping up for the day, that's how filming people talk, I got the schedule for the next few days. It looks pretty exciting and full. The best part sounds fun but scary seeing a real volcano up close.

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