Thursday, February 18, 2010


Part Twenty
I did not waste a minute when I got home to call my friends. It was still early and I was hopeful we could get together in the evening. Sully and Moxie were delighted I had made it home safely and were excited to hear more about my trip. I just hope they like the gifts I brought for them.
That evening...
"Moxie, I really missed you and I'm sorry we could not be together on Valentine's Day. The candy box came from the winery I told you about that was a huge castle. I hope you like the rose."
"Rocky Socky, I love the rose and candy, but best I am so happy to have you home," sighed Moxie.
"Sully, I thought you'd like this book on the three different deserts we went to on our trip. There are many cool plants in the desert that we just don't have here. And the cactus bookmark will help keep your place when reading. But what I really want to know is did anything interesting happen on The Sockland Express Bus runs?"
"Rocky Socky, everything went well except the time Will caused such a commotion in the Sock Bank and he had to stay overnight at the sock security building. He did go back to the bank a few days later and was able to find a matching pair. He followed the rules and patiently waited in line rather than running out the door with his match. He showed the teller his sock match and was able to get a gold coin. But the real exciting thing is he met Ella, a sock fairy while in line. Even though fairies generally shy away from humans she seemed to like talking to him. As a matter of fact Will was quite surprised when she suggested they should meet again."
"Sully and Moxie, I wish I could stay longer to visit but I need to get home; it has been a long day traveling. There is a lot of mail to look through plus I am so excited to finally sleep in my own bed!"
Rocky Socky gave them each of them a hug and left for home. He promised to let them both know the results from his doctor's appointment on Friday.

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