Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Star is Born

"I hope you all were able to see the commercial I filmed for the Kia Sorrento Super Bowl ad in Vegas on TV tonight. What a blast I had filming this ad! I have already had calls and hope some of this attention will lead to more work for me.
My ride from Las Vegas to Palm Springs went really fast. There was so much to look at and driving by huge mountains really caught my attention. I finally got to see a desert up close. Remember I had to miss the trip to Red Rock Canyon a few days ago. I thought deserts were suppose to be dry, but there has been a lot of rain around here. I have been told by people who live here that in early March the desert will be quite colorful with blooms because of all the rain. I wish that I could see this but will be off on other adventures.
Palm Springs is quite the place with huge palm trees and flowers. It is surrounded by mountains with snow covered tops. Snow made me think of home and I just had to call Sully. He was so excited to see me on TV and he loved watching the game with all the funny ads. He hoped I was having fun and taking lots of pictures. I assured him I already had a lot pictures, but was having some computer problems and would not be able to post them till Tuesday. I told him all about the Joshua Tree Park and the different kinds of cactuses I have seen. I even got a very funny picture of myself sitting on a Harley Davidson motorcycle that was parked next to our car. Sully said Will is planning to return to the Sock Bank this week. He hoped the Sock Security would not give him anymore trouble."
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