Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Town Rocks

The following blog has been posted by Rocky Socky.
Take note that on my first day in Las Vegas I was lucky to get my sling off. Now I have a cast which makes life so much easier. Also my forehead stitches are healing quite nicely. The doctor did scold me a bit when he heard about the recent photo I posted of me hanging out in an orange tree. He kept saying how this could cause an accident. But I was just having fun outside enjoying the sun with no snow or ice to be seen. I have posted pictures of my fun day out on the town. I did have some trouble in the casinos. I found it difficult due to my small size to reach the keys. I was lucky my traveling companions were able to help me out. But I was unlucky since I never won once!
I got some really good news from Sully. He called to tell me that my friend Will was doing much better. After a stern lecture from the Captain of the Sock Security about the need to follow the rules he was released. But the bad news is he would not give Will his sock back. Now this means another trip to the Sock Bank for Will.
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