Monday, March 8, 2010

Island Hopping

Chapter 10: Part One An Embarrassing Moment
"In the flurry of leaving Saturday for an early fight to Honolulu, my overnight bag was accidentally left behind at the hotel. By the time we discovered this mishap we were unable to go back for it. I felt so self-conscious wearing my I Love Maui shirt to Oahu. I did not have any other change of clothes but hopeful something new awaited me when we arrived. The 20 minute flight over barely gave my traveling companions enough time to finish their book How to See Honolulu in Just 36 Hours. I could tell from their conversation there would not be much resting when we arrived."
Part Two: The Big City
"An associate from Davis & Sons, the Honolulu branch, met us at the airport. We were whisked for our first photo shoot at Diamond Head. As we drove along I noticed the pace in this city seemed rather frantic compared to laid back Maui. Between the traffic, sirens, bicyclists, tall buildings my head was already swimming. I kept asking the driver Where's the beach, where's the beach? But he was busy maneuvering through the traffic and did not answer me.
The size of Diamond Head was impressive and it was a beautiful day to enjoy the park. When we got to Waikiki Beach the sun was setting. Just being in this area was a sensory overload. Crowds of people, shops after shops, street performers, a live Hawaiian show on the beach was just almost too much. I needed to rest and begged to go back to our hotel.
Well, after a good nights rest I was ready to roll. I was up bright and early and even got my picture taken watching the sunrise on Waikiki Beach. Note there was no one around and it was quite peaceful. The day flew by as we did photos at Kailua State Park. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Koko Crater Botanical Gardens, Koko Head, and PunchBowl. I have posted some of these pictures. All the views were just amazing. Since we were also visiting a family member this proved to be a very full day.
A real highlight for me which rather made up for not having any of my luggage was getting a beautiful flower lei at the airport. It really gave me a feeling like I had traveled to an island. I posted a photo of me wearing it while waiting for the plane. One last thing is you'll never guess what we saw just as we entered the airport...another rainbow. If you have been counting through the blogs the one today makes four!!! Another sign of good luck!"

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