Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Thaw Brings The Unexpected

A walk in the north woods recently brought an unexpected discovery. I was quite surprised to have come upon a home of the wee folk. I have read that their homes are usually hard to spot and are very well hidden among the trees and bushes. It was easy to identify who lived here by all the shamrocks painted around the door frame and a pot of gold crest in the center. I crouched down really low to get this photo. I hoped I might get lucky to catch a glimpse of one at home.
I own book called Leprechaun Companion by Niall Macnamara. It is a very informative guidebook to all you would ever want to know about the wee folk. Some things I do know is they often wear a bit of red on their clothing. This bright color might catch your attention and be a clue they are out and about in the woods. Since the wee folk have a fondness for buried treasure they are more likely to build their homes near mounds of dirt and deep into the woods. The trickiest part is trying to catch one. I have heard sunset is one of the better times to spot them. If you are so lucky to spy one nearby creep up as quiet as you can, catch him firmly in your hand and DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT take your eyes off of him even for a split second to blink as he might likely vanish.
Some advice if you do succeed in catching one is persuading him to show or tell you where his buried treasure would be. If you happen to be so lucky I would suggest DO NOT reveal the secret to anyone till you have safely dug up the treasure and deposited it in a bank or some other safe place or else it could vanish. I would like you also to know that since the wee folk can be tricky you might get an offer of three wishes instead of being led to the buried treasure. Wee folk are masters at we call magic. Warning to you if you try asking for more than three since you will be met with scorn and get none. The wisest thing you can do in this case is to ask for intangible blessings like talent, good luck and good health.
So in the next few day if you happen to be deep into the woods I wish you luck in finding the wee folk. Perhaps luck may be on your side!

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