Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time To say Good-bye

...in a very firm voice, this is the one I want! I snatched up the little sock monkey before anyone else would want the very same one. It was smaller than I first thought and the sock creature seemed to have a relieved look to be off the shelf. As we walked to the claim checkout desk I was sure I heard a faint voice whisper "Mahalo (thanks) for picking me. I am a saved."
I signed some papers and found out the sock monkey had a Hawaiian name Holokai (pronounced Ho-Lo-Kaee) meaning seafarer. My traveling companions thought it an appropriate name since we traveled the mighty seas to find this sock creature. I tucked it in my bag for safekeeping and we went to the last building on the sanctuary grounds. It was called The Sock Sanctuary Museum. What a place filled with display cases of socks once worn by legendary Hawaiians and famous people from the mainland. We laughed at the faded white crew sock once worn by Elvis.
The boat ride was just as windy and bumpy as ride out. We were all glad to be safely on ground. Tomio met us and we drove for one last time back to Davis & Sons' office. They wanted to use my list for the brochure-The Ten Top Reasons To Visit Maui. I thanked them for giving me this job and looked forward to seeing the completed brochure.
I was anxious to get back to the hotel and show Holokai the beautiful Kamole Sands beach nearby. I also wanted to call my friends and let them know my news and our arrival date on Thursday. The Hawaiian luau they have planned for the weekend sounds fun. I might even show them how to do the hula.
What wonderful memories I have of the Aloha State and I might add I have a very nice suntan. We have taken a lot of pictures ourselves and collected many recipes to share with everyone back home. I know it sounds rather cheesy but I would like to borrow a line from Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) to end but still :There is no place like home.
Mahalo for those who followed Rocky Socky's Adventures in Maui. We all had fun!
10 Top Reasons to Visit Maui
by Rocky Socky
1. Warm weather
2. Sunshine
3. Sunsets at the beach
4. Sunrise at Mt. Haleakala
5. Panoramic views of the oceans
6. Snorkeling
7. Whale watching
8. Black Sand Beach near Hana
9. Tropical vegetation
10. Rainbows
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