Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trouble for Will

Chapter Two: Sock Bank
Just as Will stepped down from the bus and could feel himself shrinking to Holokai's size (remember this is what happens when you enter Sockland) someone or something flew past him and almost knocked him to the ground. Much to his surprise, and I might add embarrassment, he saw Holokai pounding on the Sock Bank door.
"Open up! Open Up!" yelled Holokai.
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, calm down," said Will. He grabbed Holokai and scolded him for being so loud and rambunctious. "You must be more patient! The door will not open till I sprinkle fairy dust on the doormat and say some special words."
Holokai stepped back a bit from the door and watched Will with great interest. As the big heavy door opened Holokai ran past him before Will could even tell him there were rules to follow inside. He could hear Holokai screaming toward the front of the bank," Wow, look at all these socks!"
Will moved quickly to grab Holokai before he caused any commotion and caught the attention of the dreaded Sock Security. He took him over in the corner and explained all the rules of the Sock Bank and how he needed to be as quiet as possible. And...if they did not follow the rules the Sock Security could take them to a special building and then he might never see Rocky Socky again.
"Look Holokai, here is the sock I am trying to find a matching mate. Go have a look in the recycling bin and see if you can find one like that."
"But Will I need a pair of socks. My feet are getting cold here since in Maui we didn't need socks" whined Holokai.
"We can go to the Sock Mart afterwards for socks. Right now I just need a mate to this sock.
You need to help me. If I can find a match we will stand in line over there and the teller will help us." said Will whose patience by now was running out.
But Holokai did not seem to listen to Will's warnings and ran toward the recycling bin. He started to scale the sides of the bin since he really couldn't see what was inside due to his small size. "Help, Help!" Will heard Holokai's terrified voice. And then he saw him tumble down into the recycling bin.
"Not you again," said one of the Sock Security to Will. "I thought we told you the last time you caused commotion in here you need a security escort to stay."
"Whose making all that fuss?" as the Sock Security peered inside the recycling bin.
He reached down and pulled Holokai out holding him tightly in his hand.
"Will, look what I found!" Holokai said. He proudly held up one sock just like the one Will had been looking for.
Will begged the Sock Security to let Holokai go and said they would leave as soon as they finished with the teller. He grabbed the sock from Holokai before he dropped it back in the bin.
"This little guy goes outside," said the sock security, who still had Holokai firmly in his grasp. And before Will could even say anything the two were out the door.

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For a change of pace rather than posting a recipe I would like to recommend a restaurant. But first I have a riddle for you. Where can you go to have a weekend breakfast and...?
1. It is served by people wearing their pj's
2. Cartoons are playing all morning long
3. It is decorated in reds and black
4. It is the opposite of eating in heaven
Give up? It is Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis.
I would highly recommend as one of your more unique dining experiences. They even sell T-shirts and I have posted the front and back of one.
Did I forget to mention the food? yes and it was...refer to back of T-shirt photo that was posted!

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