Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Worry

Chapter Seven: An Unexpected Development
"Oh my gosh, Holokai you can't just take socks off the tree without paying for them," said Will.
"But Will look at them they are just my size and they even have monkeys on them!"
Holokai put on the socks, wiggled his toes and proudly dangled his feet over his seat. And then he jumped down. He practically bounced down the aisle showing off his new socks to the other passengers. They laughed at his funny antics. Meanwhile Will and Rocky Socky had what seemed like a serious discussion about what to do since Holokai took the socks without paying for them. Rocky's voice boomed over the loudspeaker. "End of the run have a good day!"
Holokai waved to Will as he got off the bus. "Holokai, even though my bus runs are done for the day we are going back to Sockland to the Sock Mart. I called and they are open till 9:00. You need pay for these socks," said Rocky Socky in a rather stern voice.
"But Rocky, I only have a few coins left and it's not enough," whined Holokai.
He was beginning to worry he would have to give the socks back.
"Let's see what the manager has to say. Perhaps you can work your first hour for free this weekend to pay for them," said Rocky Socky.
What seemed like a very short time the bus arrived back at the Sock Mart. By this time Holokai was sniffling and Rocky Socky had to practically drag him off the bus. Just as they found the manager's office Holokai started to sob as he took off his new socks. Rocky Socky knocked on the door they heard a voice say, "Come in."

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