Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Chapter Ten
Holokai reached into the bag and took out one banana. As he peeled the skin back the crowd waited expectantly for the next thing to happen. After enjoying his banana treat, Holokai took out three more whole bananas and began to juggle. The crowd gasped since this seemed like quite a feat when round objects are usually used in juggling.
Holokai smiled and said,"Okay everybody watch this cascade... I'm moving to four bananas... now I'll reverse the pattern!"
The crowd clapped watching such an impressive performance of juggling bananas no less. Will then stepped out with 5 bananas. He and Holaki kept juggling and throwing bananas back and forth in succession entertaining the crowd. Will stepped aside and Holokai started juggling 3 bananas, four... "All right everybody watch. I am going to add two more and try for a column. This is where all bananas travel up and down and are caught from where they are thrown without any sideways motion."
The crowd drew their breath and Will could feel trouble brewing with Holokai's overconfidence. Four bananas went up and came down, five bananas went up and came down, six went up...
"Oh no!" gasped the crowd as six bananas went up so high that the overhead light shattered. And then...the store went dark. Amidst screams and cries the manager got out his bullhorn and shouted, "Okay everyone keep calm! We have a backup generator that will be on any minute."
Will and Holokai were horrified by the chain of events since everything had been going so well. As the lights came on there was a huge sigh of relief. Holokai used some quick thinking "Hey everybody it's time for the drawing for monkey socks."
He bounced over to the box to pull out a winning slip. Just as he was about to draw a slip out there was a loud cry, "Wait a minute!"
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