Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Trouble

Chapter Four: The Sock Mart
Holokai wasted no time telling Rocky Socky all about their troubles at The Sock Bank and going to Sock Security Station. "Will, are you sure about another stop? Holokai can ride with me till I finish the rest of my runs. He does seem to get a bit excited doing so many new things and can get rambunctious at times."
"Holokai will be just fine with me. He really wants to find some socks just his size to keep his feet warm. I saw an ad in the newspaper that said The Sock Mart was having a holiday sale on Easter socks and a special on bunny slippers. Perhaps I will find something for myself too. We will be ready to catch your last bus run at 4:00," said Will.
As the two got off the bus, Rocky Socky told Holokai in a very stern voice, "Stay close to Will and behave yourself inside the store. Remember no running off and exploring on your own. You are to pay attention to what Will tells you to do and what you can buy."
As the bus sped off Will turned to Holokai, "This is big store and it is easy to get lost. Stay with me and hold my hand tightly."
Holokai could hardly contain his excitement seeing an entire store of socks and sock accessories. It made him almost dizzy with so many things to choose from. Will pushed through the crowd and headed to the infant department. "But Will, this is just for babies," whined Holokai.
"Look, these socks are just your size. You have very small feettttttttttt."
But just as Will finished saying feet Holokai let go of his hand was off and running toward the sock table marked Sale. "Will, look at these socks that have palm trees on them. Look, at the rubber duckies. Look at footballs! Look at bunny ones! I want this one! And I want those! And I have to have that pair!"
"Stop," shouted Will. "You can only get a few pair. Let's say four."
But it was too late. Holokai was already climbing up on the sale table, standing in the middle and grabbing a large armload of socks. But now he was making a mess spilling socks all over the floor. Holokai began shouting, "Will, I just have to these. Please, please, please can I have them?"
Before Will was even able to reply Holokai jumped off the table. He ran off toward the bunny slipper display. He was just wiggling his feet into one of the furry pink slippers when Will grabbed him by the shirt. "Look Holokai calm down. We can't buy it all and you are making a mess. I said four and I mean four! And only one pair of slippers!"
So after Holokai finally decided on his purchases they headed toward the cash register. They both thought the line seemed to be moving very slowly. Will checked his watch and turned to tell Holokai the time but wait....Holokai was nowhere in sight. A loud voice came on over the loudspeaker. "Would all security come to the front of the store."
"Oh no!" Will said.
By now a crowd had gathered outside the window of the Sock Mart.

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