Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Eventful Week

Chapter 16: The Deal is Sealed
Written by Rocky Socky
The Sock Mart officially has two new owners with equal partnerships: Sock Fairies and Gnomes. Their venture capital company called Gemstone signed the purchase agreement on Friday. Right away they instituted several new offerings for the Memorial holiday weekend business.
First they put out two recycling bins in front of the store near the cash registers. For each sock purchase a receipt for a donated sock must be shown. This will keep the sockfairies happy knowing there is a good supply of mismatched socks to choose from.
Next the gnomes set up a kiosk in back of the store. They plan to sell gems, jewelry and accessories.
Holokai continues to work part time on Saturday and Sunday. Lucky Will's school is out for the summer. He is kept busy being Holokai's manager plus being an adoptive parent to two sock monkeys that were his birthday gifts. Palti (Hawaiian for my escape) is the Sock Monkey I gave Will for his birthday. Holokai's gift was a very small sock monkey that came all the way from Maui. His Hawaiian name means the sea.

Palti and Kai were both introduced to the crowd on Saturday. They went crazy seeing not one but three monkeys out on the sock tree. They were such a hit and Will even had taught them how to juggle small bananas. Oh what fun it must have been to watch them toss bananas back and forth and up and down. I had to work driving the Sockland Express and missed seeing all of their funny antics.
The crowd loved having the drawing for a free pair of monkey socks. But by Sunday at noon all other monkey socks had been sold out.
Seems everyone wants monkey socks worn by Palti, Kai and Holokai.
On Saturday and Sunday after each performance Holokai announced that next weekend the store has a big surprise for their customers. He told the crowd to check their local paper The Sockland Gazette on Friday for the reveal and coupons. I guess we will all have to wait till Friday to see what exciting things are planned by the new Sock Mart owners.

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