Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Perfect Gift

Chapter Fourteen: The Gang just Got Bigger
written by Rocky Socky
Yesterday after one of my Sockland Express runs I made a quick stop at Sockland Mall. Will has a birthday this month and I had some time to do a bit of shopping. As I was leaving one of the stores a moment of weakness came over me. There on a shelf was this very small red box with the cutest sock monkey peering out the box window. I was unable to resist this purchase, especially when I read the words: Please Adopt Me-Sock Monkey Rescue Kit.
The best part about being a sock monkey adoptive parent owner is this little sock monkey comes with its own booklet of care instructions. Now I knew Will could handle all this and the monkey would be great company for Holokai. I know he will find the booklet helpful since it covers things like housebreaking, separation anxiety, which toys and books to buy, and socialization issues.
Will's party is this weekend and I am so excited to bring this gift. I posted a picture of the birthday gift. But don't tell anyone since I want it to be a surprise for Will.

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