Sunday, May 16, 2010

Skyrocketing Sales

Chapter 12 Update
Despite some mishaps Holakai made the past two weekends working, sales have increased substantially at the Sock Mart. Word has spread about his funny antics on the sock tree, impressive juggling, particularly with bananas, and hourly sock drawings. The manager even hired extra security to help keep the crowds orderly and cashiers to keep up long lines of customers. It seems everyone wants to buy socks, especially monkey socks.
But the sock fairies are not impressed at all with skyrocketing sock sales. You have to remember one of the jobs of the sock fairies is to collect single socks. When their bags are full they go to the sock bank in search of matched pairs. If they are lucky each matched pair will entitle them to a gold coin.
Last night I had a funny feeling that trouble is brewing when I heard about their meeting. The sock fairies were getting together at midnight in the fairy ring under the oak tree. I suspect they have some mischief planned to slow down sock sales. I will do my best to see what they are up to and get back to you as soon as I can with more information.
To be Continued...

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