Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Mania

Chapter 15: New Developments
Written by Rocky Socky
The past few days have become almost a blur with so many events unfolding. I wrote last week about a Venture Capital Company that was being formed by the gnomes and sock fairies to propose a buyout of the Sock Mart. The gnomes are the financial backers since they have accumulated a lot of wealth through jewelry making and selling gems. This new investment company was named: Gemstone. Thursday the proposal was presented to the owners of the Sock Mart. A deal was made where gnomes and sock fairies each have shares of 50%. Provisions were made to keep the current staff. Since the addition of Holokai has increased weekend sales an agreement was made to retain his services for 4 hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday. An added clause stipulated that any one purchase made by a customer must be accompanied by a single sock to be donated to the recycling bins placed near the cash registers. This way a bigger supply of single unmatched socks would be available to the sock fairies. Donations of single unmatched socks will be advertised in local papers. In addition, signs will be posted inside the Sockland Express bus. The current owners received a very fair price for their store. The sale will be completed this week.
Will's party was a lot of fun. Holokai was beside himself with excitement over Will's gift from me. It was a dream come true to have another sock monkey to play with and it is even close to his size. Will certainly is going to be kept busy being an adoptive parent and Holokai's stage manager on the weekends. Lucky Will's studies will be ending in a few short weeks and he will have the summer off to keep on top of these new responsibilities. But the biggest surprise of the evening came with Holokai's gift. Instead of wrapping it, Holokai sent all the guests on a scavenger hunt to find Will's gift. It was spotted hanging out in a nearby plant. Can you believe it! Another new sock monkey to join the gang. Holokai rescued his friend from the shelf at the Sock Sanctuary in Maui where he came from. My two traveling companions from the Maui trip helped arrange all of this for him. Imagine Will's astonishment he has two adopted monkeys to take care of!
All I can say is...this was quite a weekend to remember!

A picture of Will's birthday gift has been posted.

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