Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Winner

Chapter Eleven
"Here's mine!" shrieked a young customer pushing through the crowd clutching onto a slip of paper for the box.
Holokai danced round and round shaking the box up. A hush went over the crowd as Will rummaged around inside the box and pulled out a piece of paper. "And... the winning number to match is... 2056."
"Me! It's me!" shouted an excited winner running towards Will and Holokai.
Will found a pair of monkey socks in the winner's size and...just like the ones Holokai was wearing. He took a picture of the winner with Holokai showing off their socks to post on the Sock Mart website. This was the fourth winner of the day.
"Here is a picture of The Born to be Wild group," said Will to the excited winner. "Enjoy your souvenir!"
As the crowd was moving in different directions throughout the store Will noticed Holokai's face. He had a look of panic just seeing the manager approaching them. He was prepared for a long, stern lecture on his recent mishap. "Holokai and Will, what a day we have had.! Do you realize our sales have increased the past four hours you have worked? Everyone loves watching you on the sock tree. And we can hardly keep up stocking the tables with merchandise. But Holokai when you work 11-3 tomorrow you must try something other than bananas to juggle. We can't have any more lights smashed!"
"I know just the thing to juggle,"
said Holokai. "And... I had such a fun day making everyone laugh".
A side note: Born to be Wild group photo posted.

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