Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Wild and Crazy Saturday

Chapter 17 Frenzy at the Sock Mart... Part One
written by Rocky Socky
I pulled up to the bus stop and there stood Will, Holokai, Palti and Kai. Palti and Kai rushed up the steps. They seemed pretty hyper to me jumping up and down with excitement talking non stop about what they were going to do when they got to the Sock Mart. It seems they have been practicing juggling all week with Will and Holokai. They also had some other tricks but would not tell me since it was suppose to be a surprise. I wish I did not have to work.
As we got closer to the Sock Mart I couldn't believe the size of the crowd lining up for the store opening. It seems like everyone waiting had a coupon in their hand. "Looks like a lot of customers have been reading The Sockland Gazette," said Will. "I read the Gnomes were offering at their kiosk a coupon special for a dragonfly necklace. And the sock fairies had a coupon buy one pair of socks and get the second pair for half price. Of course this also means each sock purchase must accompanied by a sock donation to the recycling bin."
"Will and Holokai hang on to tight to Palti and Kai. This is a huge crowd and you could get lost or hurt since you both are so small."
Just as Will, Holokai, Palti and Kai got off the bus the crowd noticed them. A huge group ran toward the bus screaming, "They're here! They're here! "
"Stand back! Stand back! yelled the manager into his bullhorn. He pushed the crowd aside and ran toward Will to safely escort all of them into the store.
I must say I do not have good feeling about this day. It seems like a lot of commotion and its only the morning.
As I drove out of the lot I looked through my side mirror and I couldn't believe what just came out of the door of the Sock Mart.
Stay tuned for Part Two. I posted a photo of the dragonfly necklace. The store is honoring coupons through Sunday. There still is time for you to get there. The Sockland Express runs every hour this weekend to the Sock Mart to accommodate all who have plans to shop at the store and watch Holokai and Will and their friends perform.

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