Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Part Two: Mystery Solved

Thanks for your patience waiting for part two of my recent tale. I have resolved some technical difficulties and am ready to continue my storytelling. But first some important pieces of information. The last month my sleep has been interrupted in the middle of the night with intermittent faint tapping somewhere off in the woods. The last few nights the tapping noise has increased and seems to go on for many hours. And yes... I did check Google to find out that woodpeckers are not up that late! It is important that you know sounds carry great distances over the water especially when the waters are calm and the night is still.

As I went under the bridge to another lake where the mist was thick I kept paddling toward the tapping and whistling. As I approached the shore the skies started to clear. I tied up my canoe with a long rope to the base of a thick oak tree. An opening through the woods was just the invitation I needed to pursue looking for the tapping and whistling source. I only had gone a short distance back into the woods where I discovered many winged creatures happily at work. It looked like they were putting the finishing touches on Fairyland. It was truly a sight to behold this cozy looking cottage painted in bright colors. I did not want my presence known so I stayed behind the trees edging closer to get a better look. I managed to get close to a window and could see inside there were all sorts of fairy things. I am sure there must be another way to get to this cottage off the main road. What a relief to know that this tapping and whistling has been real and not just been my over active imagination. I have decided this week to take a drive on the road that goes over the bridge I went under in my canoe and do some more exploring. I want to know if this is a cottage shop for fairies or a cottage gift shop for vacationers.
I have posted a few pictures to give you a better idea of what I have described. No doubt there will soon be a part three to my story.

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