Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Resurrection according to Webster's dictionary means rising from the dead or returning to life. Now that is what my sunflower stalk did in spite of the recent deer raid on my garden. (I wrote about it in a blog titled Faded Memories August 17th). I had almost given up on seeing this flower bloom but now I have a photo to back up my words.
Sadly though, I could not resurrect this dragonfly (see photo) I discovered today near my porch door. It was rather fascinating to have such a up close and personal look at this insect since they are always darting about at such a very fast pace.
All this talk about resurrection leads me to the thought about a book I recently heard rave reviews from several people. So I got a copy of Joshua in a Troubled World by Joseph Girzone. The basic storyline looks at a fictional depiction of what would it be like if Jesus would return to the present day world and walk among the bustling crowds of Washington D.C. as Joshua who has a Middle Eastern appearance. Trouble brews as Joshua makes several stops at churches, temples and mosques and his appearance begins to arouse suspicions. Joshua is taken into custody by government agents. He then challenges the system regarding the legal and moral justness of their actions. Joshua feels his mission in life is to unite Arab and Jewish Americans by helping them look at ways to avoid wars and their religious animosities. I am intrigued by the ambitious effort of the author to explore such explosive issues that today divide us as a nation. This book is one of the many in the Joshua series.

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