Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summmer Reading

I have become a huge fan of Lynne Jonell after reading her newest middle grade novel: The Secret of Zoom. She is such a imaginative writer who really thinks out of the box for a storyline. So I decided to read her first fiction book: Emmy and The Incredible Shrinking Rat. This is another inventive fantasy of magic, bravery and courage. Emmy, the heroine, finds herself the only student in the class that can hear and speak to the the class pet, a rat. The storyline is also a mystery as Emmy discovers who is plotting to control her family's fortune. Along the way she also discovers a store called Ancient Rat. It is here Emmy finds caged rats that are used to drug humans.

A picture book that screamed... BUY ME... BUY ME recently when I was at a bookstore is called Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillan. The book is written in a diary format where a goldfish recounts his life over a 14 day time period. He starts out alone in a goldfish bowl quite happy with his simple life. But what happens as the owner starts adding decorations and more fish becomes quite amusing when told from the perspective of the goldfish.

Now for the big people...a mystery book recommend:Monkeewrench by p.j.tracy. It is written by a mother and daughter team who have a created a series of mystery books and this is the first one. I would recommend reading them in order. The second book is called Live Bait. Part of the appeal of these books is the setting which is Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Minneapolis area plays a huge part in the first book. The mystery in Monkeewrench begins with Grace McBride and the oddball crew of her software company, called Monkeewrench. The crew creates a computer game where the killer is always caught. But their game becomes a nightmare when someone starts duplicating the fictional murders in real life. Their latest book is Shoot to Thrill.

Lastly, I posted a picture of something that is a sign of something just around the corner. Yikes!!!

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