Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take Note

Take Note title of the fall arts and entertainment calendar in the Sunday Life section of St. Paul Pioneer Prheess 9-12-2010 offers quite a comprehensive guide to a variety of things going on in the Twin Cities area. In the Book Arts section there was a whole page of book titles by Minnesota authors. Some books that seemed noteworthy are the following:
Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee have written an adventure story titled: Bink and Gollie. It is a about two precocious little girls who share three comical adventures and the love of words.
Phyllis Root has collaborated with artist Betsy Bowen on Big Belching Bog. This picture book teaches young readers about the secrets of the mysterious peat bogs in northern Minnesota. It also describes the plant and animal life which inhabits the bog.
In the adult section Wishing for a Snow Day:Growing Up in Minnesota by Peg Meier had a title and cover photo that caught my attention. Oh how we all can remember waiting in anticipation for that bulletin to come across the TV screen: No school today. This book is a collection of children's diary entries, newspaper columns and old photos written by a former reporter for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune.
In early summer I wrote a blog entry about my desire to read more YA novels in upcoming months. I am still in the summer reading mode and have two recommendations.
The first is a historical fiction book called Mary Ingalls On Her Own by Elizabeth Kimmel Willard. This is the story of Mary Ingalls, Laura's sister. She lost her sight as a result of a devastating bout of scarlet fever. The story focuses on Mary's years at the Iowa College for the Blind where she gets an education to learn skills for more independent living. It was interesting to learn more about a Ingalls' family member we do not read much about.
Another recommendation is Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper. It is a poignant story about 11 year old Melody who can't talk, walk or write. Being stuck inside her head is what is making Melody go out of her mind until her friend helps her discover a computerized device called Medi-Talker.
Readers: Any noteworthy titles you'd like to pass along? Please forward and they can be included in a blog entry.

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