Monday, November 29, 2010

A Good Deed

Part Four:
Will nudged one of the fairies in front of him. "Hold my place, I need to go and talk with your friend for a minute!"
"Hi, my name is Will. I was standing behind you and your friends in line. Aren't you going inside Fairyland with your friends?"
"No, I'm waiting for them out here. Besides I can't buy anything today even with the discount."
"Look I am almost done with my shopping today and I have a few extra gold coins. How about you take two of them? That still leaves me with four. Besides I can always go back for more coins when I need them at the Sock Bank.* I have collected several mismatched socks that need mates so I am ready to turn them in."
"Really.. you'd give me your coins!!! Gosh, what can I say...really...thanks!"
Will pressed the coins into her hand. "We'd better hurry-look... the line is moving and it's almost 11:00!"
Inside the store Will could feel excitement in the air as many customers tried on different jeweled pieces. The fairy he had helped and her friends seemed so excited to try on several jewelry items. The glitter and shine of each of the gemstone pieces made decisions even harder.
Will looked around the store, mesmerized by the beauty of all the gemstone jewels. He wondered what his mother would like when all of sudden he spied it, there nestled in a black velvet case was a Sparkle blue toned gemstone necklace. Now this is perfect for my mom he thought to himself.
After making his purchase he stepped out into the Mall corridor and headed toward one of his favorite stores The Funky Monkey Shop. He remembered how much Holokai loved this store. Will was sure he could find something fun for him. Maybe he could even get some ideas for Holokai when he entertains the crowds at the SockMart on Saturdays. Being his manager, Will is always on the lookout for stuff.
"Would you like to try a sample of our Strawberry-Banana Smoothie? We are selling all the ingredients to make your own. It's over there in the refrigerated case," said one of the workers in the store.
Will even though full from his last treat could not turn down such a yummy sample. He decided he'd have to buy a few bags to bring home and keep in his freezer to make his own smoothies.

*Sock Bank-a place where you can bring your mismatched socks. The tellers try to find a match for your socks. If they do find a missing mate you leave the sock and get a gold coin as a payment.
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Lucky for us Will got the recipe!
Banana-Strawberry Smoothie
2 bananas that have been peeled and frozen in a bag
1 cup of sliced frozen strawberries
8 0z milk or 1 small container 4 oz. of vanilla yogurt
Use blender to mix ingredients
Note: Using frozen fruit instead of ice makes for a thicker consistency

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