Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sparkle Special

Part Three: An Unexpected Turn of Events
Just as Will was deciding if he should splurge on a another helping of Fairy Cloud, his thoughts were interrupted with a loud voice over the Mall loudspeaker.
"Do you know someone in your life who would love a Sparkle gemstone? Don't miss out on our Saturday special. Only from 11:00 to 12:00 today can you purchase a Sparkle gemstone for just 50% off regular price. This is a chance of lifetime and found only at Fairyland Shop right here at the Mall and not at any of our other locations. Don't miss out on this great special!"
Well it was at the moment the Mall crowd went wild and flew toward the Fairyland Shop. It did not take long for a line to form with only minutes to spare before 11:00. Will hurried knowing the value of these gemstones were top quality. He knew fairies loved the glitter and shine of these gems and were often seen wearing them. Indeed, this was a bargain and Will could think of many who were on his shopping list that would love such a gift.
He was lucky to squeeze in line right between two groups of fairies who were excitedly pointing to the window display of Sparkle gems. The glitter and shine of the pieces did make them look priceless! "Gosh, 50% off is such a deal." Will exclaimed out loud.
He fingered the gold coins left in his pocket. He was quite sure he had enough to purchase a few gemstones.
Just as the crowd was inching their way toward the doorway Will noticed a very dejected looking fairy slip out of line and move close to the wall opposite the store entrance. Will caught snatches of the fairies conversations in front of him...something about their friend not having enough coins to purchase any Sparkle gemstones even with a 50% off discount. Will looked at the window display of all gemstone jewelry thinking what a rare opportunity this was to buy with such a discount. Will glanced over at the fairy and made a quick decision.
To Be Continued

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