Friday, February 18, 2011

On The Road

Blog posting by Bella
Chapter Two: Bella Heads South
As you can see from the photo posted I was quite unsure about this road trip South leaving behind my home which is nice and comfortable. My backseat traveling accommodations while cozy looking to most seem quite cramped. The first 4 hours I pressed my nose to the glass and saw nothing but dense fog. I felt like I was in a cloud and I would never get out. When the fog lifted I noticed finally we had left the snow behind. I will say it took some 9 hours of driving time for this miracle to happen. I perked up when I heard the driver announce it was 65 degrees outside. If only they would let me out of the car more than just a minutes to enjoy this weather change I thought to myself! No matter how many snacks they flung my way time being inside the car for so many hours was hard to endure. But I did my best and never once said "Are we there yet?"
When we finally got to the selected motel I freaked out. I felt trapped being in the room and paced back and forth multiple times and scratched at the door. I just had to get out. Oh, my I had forgotten to mention to my owners that I once had a bad motel experience with my previous owners.
Day 2 on the road went better. We had now driven through three states and arrived in Tennessee. I was finally able to get some fresh air when the driver rolled part of my window down so I could enjoy the sniffing the warm air. I guess he got the idea what I wanted when I steamed up the windows leaving lots of nose prints.
Our first stop was the Civil War Battlefields of Chattanooga and Chickamauga. It was quite a surprise that two battles could cover so much space. Like an area of 5 miles by 7 miles. While my owners spent a lot of time looking at many, many stone monuments I thought the ground sniffling was the best. And with all the wildlife I wanted to chase I could hardly be controlled. But I did manage to be on my best behavior and was rewarded with an early dinner.
I must be a traveling pro since I did much better at motel #2. I was calmer and more settled. Maybe it's because my owners said tomorrow we would arrive at our destination where they promised I could run free in the open air sandy dog park. I just hope it is as good as my owners promise it will be.
check in Sunday for two great Southern style brunches I recently had while traveling

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