Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Lucky Breaks

Chapter Four according to Bella
While all my doggie friends and family are at home dealing with snow and more snow I am basking in what I still call doggie heaven. Unfortunately, my owners have been struggling keeping up with my renewed energy level. I actually give them a tow to the beach as they hold tight on to my leash while I bound down the boardwalk toward the sand. Did you know that it is some 1,475 steps (roundtrip) just to get to the beach? And that is taking the elevator down and running along a winding boardwalk over the dunes to the beach. But for early morning and late night runs for me just to do "my business" can be somewhat of an annoyance to my owners. If you are wondering how I can be so accurate- one of my owners decided to keep track on her pedometer one day just how many steps we all take. In one day with all our travels we went over 18,000 steps which equates to about 9 miles. (10,000 steps= 5 miles)
My favorite new activity is running along the water's edge to catch the birds. So far no luck, but being a very determined dog who doesn't give up easily I will keep trying.
Remember when I mentioned that every time I hear "Come Bella" I get a doggie treat well today I won't have to work so hard. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my owner this morning telling me it is International Dog Biscuit Day? I am not making it up since my owners read it on the Internet. And isn't the Internet always right??? Just imagine a dog biscuit without having to do any tricks. And I can justify having extra treats because of all the added exercise I am getting.
Yesterday I went out to lunch. Yes, you read that correct. We found an outdoor restaurant that allows pets on the patio. I just couldn't believe when they even brought me out my own water dish. Now that is what I call service!
I have attached some photos of recent experiences.

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