Friday, March 25, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I subscribe to Garrison Keillor's online daily newsletter ( Each day he posts a poem or prose and a list of some notable literary birthdays. Today I found out it is Kate Di Camillo's birthday. I also learned that due to many health issues Kate experienced during her childhood her parents decided to move to Florida. They hoped the warm climate would improve her health which it did. When Ms. DiCamillo moved to Minneapolis she drew upon her Florida childhood experiences for the setting of her first novel Winn Dixie. This children's book was about a stray dog named Winn Dixie who helps a 10 year old girl adjust to her new life in Florida. It's hard to imagine that one could get excited seeing a Winn Dixie grocery store for the first time but I did. I just had to get a picture of the store to show my students. You have to realize that this a grocery store chain we do not have in our area. I have found a house in the area we are visiting that is exactly like the one described in her book Winn Dixie right down to a tree in the front yard with bottles hanging from the limbs. This book became a best seller in 2000. Ms. DiCamillo went on to write many more books that have won numerous awards. One of her recent books The Magican's Elephant was a Newbery Medal winner.
I am posting a picture of Cappuccino Blossoms cookies I forgot to add to the blog on March 20th. Also posting a link to Christy Jordan's food blog. I was impressed with the amount of interesting food information and her style.

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