Thursday, March 31, 2011

On The Road

Chapter 15 The World According to Bella
As you can see from the photo posted I was not motivated in the least to leave what I call my dog heaven the past 5 weeks. I began to fret when I heard my people planning the route back that they were adding some extra 150 extra miles to the already 1,500 just to go to Bishopville, SC. And when I saw that my space in the car was even less than the ride down I paced nervously back and forth. I hoped they would change their minds about this field trip. But it looked hopeless. I was doomed to be trapped in the car for the day. And it didn't help with a rain forecast to follow us!
Now I suppose you are wondering what could possibly interest my people in this little town. Have you heard of Pearl Fryar? He is a man who has taken topiary gardening to new heights. In fact several of his neighbors have also jumped on the wagon and turned their lawns into topiary works of art. Pearl is the main attraction in Bishopville. He has put his neighborhood on the map. School buses and tour groups make his house a destination. But by the time we got there we had the place to ourselves. Perhaps all the rain kept everyone away. My people seemed to go crazy taking pictures. If you want to see Pearl's own photo gallery and learn more about him go but do enjoy the ones we took today.

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  1. Love those Azalea's in bloom. Interesting style garden...the topiarys!