Monday, April 18, 2011

A New Look

Being snowbound at the lake for a few days due to an unexpected snowstorm has its perks. One perk: some added exercise to improve the heart rate as on day two we sloshed/staggered our way down a two mile road through 6 inches of wet snow. We were on a mission to find human life. It became apparent after the walk snowplowing had been wrapped up for the year in this area. Perk two: More indoor time to write and explore some computer options. So with some technical support I was able to redesign the blog. At the top where the header is I have included some noteworthy links and will continue to add new ones. has added a new feature to the home page called Front Porch Forum where you can discuss recipes and access new ones. There is also a link on the front porch forum to chat about books, movies, films, quilting and other life experiences.
Writers Almanac is hosted by Garrison Keillor. He recounts some historical highlights in the literary world and reads a short poem or two.
Let me know what you think of the new layout.
Looking for ideas to add your child or grandchild's Easter basket? My friend has written a book called On Harley's Farm that can be ordered through Follow the following link to view a zipped copy you can download and read about Harley and his life on the farm. Its a wonderful visual to show that special child in your life more about what farm life is like and some of the machines used.

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