Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

The World According to Bella
I finally got my mojo back after a hiatus of not writing for some months. My batteries are recharged and I am on a roll. With the big holiday weekend in full force and my owners are preoccupied with company I seized my chance to get my paws on the keyboard. I have been bursting to get my stories out there.
I am happy to report that life has been real good for me. After the ugly encounter with porcupine awhile back lake life has settled in rather nicely. I have been given a lot of freedom and taken full advantage of it. Each morning I sit out on the porch and look over my domain. I do my best to bark off any wildlife intruders all through the day. But it can get tiring keeping watch on the front yard plus the lakeside. I have done my best to even scare off any wildlife or boats that come close to the dock. Note photo of me on "my lakeside watch." But one thing that really annoys me is the fact I have to wait so long all day to get a boat ride. I run down the hill jump on the pontoon boat several times a day hoping my owners will get the hint. They always seem too busy to give me a ride so I am forced to wait patiently till the end of the day. Note Lately I have really gotten into fishing at dusk. I keep hoping for the big catch or at least a nibble of my line.
In one photo I am modeling part of my 4th of July outfit. I am going to be in a boat parade and this year there are prizes. I am hoping to win for the best dressed dog on board. Wish me luck.

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