Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

Whoever is happy
will make others happy, too.
Mark Twain

Happy is he who forgets
what cannot be changed
Mark Twain

An article The Secret to Happiness in the current issue of Whole devoted several pages interviewing people asking "What makes you happy?" I was struck at how simplistic the responses were to the question. Some included: spending quality time with someone, finding time to finish a book with a hectic schedule, reorganizing a room, being involved in a creative project were things that made them happy.
Since we are all so different there really isn't a magic formula to what makes each of us happy. It can be said though being happy is more a state of mind. And happiness comes when we are receptive to what's good in the present moment here and now. Many of those interviewed did not feel they had to do anything extra special, reform themselves, visit an exotic place or find perfection. So The Secret to that there is no secret! Joy can strike at any moment, especially when its least expected.
Today that unexpected joyful moment struck me. A warm, humid summer day leaves one less than enthused to do a Outdoor Garden/Water Garden Tour. But after house #1 totally forgot the heat. Each of the homeowners had lovingly created these tranquil outdoor spaces with koi ponds, blooming lotus flowers, fountains, brooks, waterfalls and stunning flower/plant arrangement. It was like having this zen moment in the middle of a warm morning. But I would like to add maintaining these outdoor spaces seemed like a full time two person job.
I posted pictures of nature's beauty and some even spilled over to side posting!

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