Thursday, August 25, 2011

Navigating the NYC Scene

Several New York guide books I checked out from the library could not possibly prepare us for the New York/Brooklyn scene. My siblings, daughter and I had come for our niece's Brooklyn wedding. Upon arrival we soon learned safety would not be an issue at this hotel. We were situated right across the street from the Brooklyn New York Police Station. Each morning as we sat at the breakfast bar enjoying our food we were fascinated by all the NYPD cars coming and going from the station. But it was the NYPD vans entering the garage with full loads of passengers that caught our attention. Up and down that garage door went all day and night.
In addition to this unusual hotel viewing each day we look forward to the serving of brookies. We had to be patient since they were not served till 10:30 AM. The smell of brookies, aka homemade chocolate chip cookies, were worth the wait.
On day one we wasted no time getting on a harbor cruise of Manhattan before the late after noon wedding. The views of Manhattan were incredible from the water.
In an earlier blog I wrote that the bride to be is a freelance puppeteer and the groom is a musician who writes his own music, sings and records albums. Our expectations for a creative unusual evening were high! So when I first glimpsed my brother-in law's tie I knew he was already in the creative mode. I posted a picture of his tie which shows a series of snapshot pictures of the bride and groom taken at another wedding a few years back.
The wedding was at DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) Loft. It is a building under the bridge in a warehouse type district surrounded by cobblestone streets. Check out large white puppet that greeted guests outside the loft. During the wedding the bride and groom replaced the traditional unity ceremony with a science type project. A cart on wheels was rolled out holding a volcano-think 5th grade science class. The volcano was sprinkled heavily with baking soda. Then the bride poured out of a champagne flute Minnesota vinegar while the groom poured his New York vinegar into the volcano. The vinegars made the volcano erupt as a symbolic gesture of the couple becoming one.
After the wedding two people carried a 6 foot sign that said JUST MARRIED sign out of the building. All the guests walked behind the sign three blocks to the park under the bridge to watch pictures being taken.
During the wedding reception the bride's puppeteer's friends put on a show. Each puppet was made to the likeness of the bride and groom. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that at each table there were an assortment of finger puppets for the guests to enjoy and put on their own show if so moved.
The centerpieces had a Go Green twist. Since the bride had worked in Norway for a few months she had collected used blue glass water bottles. The bottles were turned into vases for flowers. Next to the vases large used tin cans held an arrangement of homegrown spices such a thyme and oregano and lavender.
Well what could top an evening such as this? Nothing but the magnificent view from the Top of The Rock comes in as a second. Photos of the 360 panoramic views of the city will be posted in the next NYC installment as well as a versatile Orzo salad recipe with cupcake decorating ideas even a non baker can manage.
The rest of the photos are posted on the side bar.

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