Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYC By the Numbers

My five day NYC adventure trip update will be posted in several installments. It began with a wedding and ended with Earthquake shocks, seeing Donald Trump and his family at a Radio City Music Hall performance and a NY phone call from a taxi cab driver when we returned to Minneapolis. (More details to follow on that piece)
But first By The Numbers Trivia for a little background.
  • If you want to set a new Guinness World Record you must go to all 468 subway stops get your ticket stamped and do this in less than 24 hours to beat the record.
  • There are five boroughs that make up NYC: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. Brooklyn is where we stayed the most populated with two and a half million people.
  • The cost per square feet for new World Trade Center (76 stories high) and memorial is $1,000. It is so expensive because all the materials have to be bullet proof. The taxpayers of New York and New Jersey are paying for it because no one else will underwrite it. Mainly because they expect it to be a possible target again.
  • There is one hotel specifically for dogs called The Fetch Club Hotel. Did you see the movie Hotel for Dogs? That might give you an idea. There are rooms, boutiques, a salon, spa and restaurants. I wonder if I should mention this to Bella?
  • Annually over a million people walk or bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. It took 16 years to build and once was the largest. It was the first bridge to be constructed of steel. The bridge is popular tourist site for pictures and selling T shirts that say I Walked The Brooklyn Bridge, variety of vendors and artists. One day we even walked it twice once into Manhattan in the morning and then a return trip back to Brooklyn 10 hours later.
  • Central Park is 843 acres of rolling countryside right in the middle of the city.
  • It can be up to a two hour wait at the discounted ticket booth for half price discounts in Times Square for an evening performance.
Tomorrow's blog will include details and pictures from one of the most creative unusual weddings I have attended, a glimpse of a NYP Brooklyn Station, Manhattan boat tour and a wedding brunch salad recipe.

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