Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrift Treasures

You never know what treasures can be found at your local thrift shop. Recently I went with a few friends to a local thrift shop in the lake area. We were on a hunt for plates and various size glasses to complete our inventory for an upcoming craft project. I have posted pictures of our completed dessert/appetizer plates in case you need an idea. This project can be an under $5.00 depending on what treasures you find at a thrift/antique shop or free if found in your house!
We found eight or ten inch plates work the best. Be imaginative in your base selection. Some suggestions that work well for a base are a martini glass, sherbet glass, wine glass, candle holder and even a candy dish. Depending on the weight of the plate your glass can be turned right side up or upside down. Use glue from from a store such as Michaels that is for bonding glass and ceramics. Follow the directions on the tube and place glue in center where plate will be attached. Press base to plate and let dry overnight with a heavy book on it. Complete the project with a bow tied at the stem of the base. I would suggest hand washing rather than using dishwasher.
Another idea is to buy a small plate that says Happy Birthday. Glue the plate to a glass base and place a small birthday cake or cupcakes on it. This makes a great gift for a friend's special occasion. Look at previous blog on cupcake decorating ideas.
Any questions please respond back in comment box.
Click on three center pictures for a close-up view. Unfortunately pictures posted on side bar can not be enlarged.

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