Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's A Noun...Wait...It's A Verb!

Pin-ter-est (n)
pin, pinning,,pinned (v)

I have discovered and what a creative, intriguing website. 
After reading a recent newspaper article in the Star Tribune January 28, 2012 Pin-ter-est and Country Living March 2012 I was motivated to find out more about this latest social media craze. This site is a virtual pin board or scrapbook to collect and organize your favorite images and ideas from around the Web. It's popularity has exploded making it one of the 10 most popular social networking sites garnering 11 million hits a week. 
One word of warning: Just looking at this site can be addictive with all the possibilities. 
Here is how it works- you go to the site and browse the multitude of categories which include home decor, fashion, food, decorating crafts, photography etc. There are enormous amounts of practical ideas to look at. You can browse for free. If you decide to join the site you get your own virtual bulletin board which allows you to "pin" or download other images with directions to your own board.  You can also use your display board to add your own favorite inspirations in the form of photos and imagery. There is the option of having others comment or add to your board. 
Even if you are not interested in setting up your own pin board the site itself is quite interesting. Perhaps you find some inspirational, practical and creative ideas to add to your life:) 
Photo of Pinterest team  

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