Thursday, February 23, 2012

The World According to Bella

Juvenile Antics (at least by Mr. C and Mrs. S standards)
My feelings are hurt. I overheard Mrs. S telling Mr. C that my late night behavior is just like having a toddler around. Well blame it on those darn cats!!! They are always prowling around the yard outside the fence all day and through the night. Since my doggie ears are quite sensitive to any sounds they wake me up from a deep sleep. And sometimes I am having the best dreams about catching rabbits. So when I hear them I need to show those cats a thing or two. 
My pacing back and forth with my doggie nails click- clacking on the floor wake Mr. C and Mrs. S up. Of course they are never sure if I really just need to do "my business" and it is an emergency. They are easily fooled. Just as the front door gets opened I fly down the steps, snarling,growling and barking. I run furiously around and around the yard. Now remember this cozy little house is built on stilts. It is 6 feet off the ground and with a fence the enclosed area has been my private doggie track. The last few nights I had my people up at least three times. But I just couldn't help myself. Then after the recent garbage incident they now don't consider my antics one bit cool or cute.
One of the up and out- up and down- nights I exhausted myself running round and round trying to scare those darn cats off. And I know there is more than one out there. Then I found the garbage can unattended without a top. What a discovery in  the wee hours of the morning! The wafting  smells made my nose twitch. Finally I couldn't stand stand it one minute longer. I pushed over the can and began pawing furiously into the tied bag. Just as I  was polishing off the remains of the Broccoli/Ham cornbread dinner I was yanked by my collar and scolded by Mr. C. He had been waiting for some time by the door wondering what I was doing.  And boy was he mad! I might add he doesn't like to miss his sleep.
Last night I used some self control and got up only once. 
I posted a picture of me at the beach. Being well behaved of course since I was on leash. And  I did not even try for this jelly fish washed ashore. 
So how do you like the sandcastle we made? I thought it needed a moat!

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