Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day

Life is an opportunity,
benefit from it.
Life is beauty,
admire it.
Life is a dream,
realize it.
Life is a duty,
complete it.
Life is a game,
play it.
Life is a promise,
fulfill it.
Life is sorrow,
overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.

by Mother Theresa 

May Day baskets, Maypole dances, crowning May Queens may be customs of the past. Today's generation may have no knowledge of but I  do have fond memories of when we made May Day baskets in elementary school, crowned a queen and decorated a Maypole. The baskets were made for our parents and even neighbors. We worked diligently making the baskets out of  construction paper rolled in a cone shape with a handle. We would fill the baskets with leftover Easter basket grass, candy , a packet of seeds, glittery paper flowers, tissue paper flowers with pipe cleaners for the stem and a HAPPY MAY DAY note. The baskets would be hung a neighbor's doorknob or our own front door. 

Take note how easy it would be to make these flowers. Use a Popsicle stick for stem and a Hershey kiss for flower center. The basket cone shape can be made from scrapbooking paper. There's still time if you hurry to make one of your own.    

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